Enter the world of Combat Robots!

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The Bug Bash plastic class for one pound robots is your chance to get into the action.  

All you need are the basic components and access to the approved plastic materials to form and construct your combat robot creation!

Some are using 3D Printers, but they are not required.

The next event is Saturday July 29th 2017 at Robot Roundabout in Kirkland, WA. (4:00 – 8:00pm)


The purpose of the plastic class is to allow an easier entry point for those who may not have access to a full shop or just want to try something different or don’t have access to the tools required to work with metal. The plastic class is run as a separate class from the other robots, so they will only fight against other robots in the plastic class.

In general, all the normal WAR (Western Allied Robotics) rules apply to plastic class bots except the construction materials must be plastic as described below:
1. Approved Materials: PET, PETG, ABS, or PLA, PLA+ are the only materials that can be used for the chassis and weapons. No other types of plastics or materials allowed (ie. metal, carbon fiber, UHMW, etc)
2. Motors, electronics, axles, fasteners and adhesives: can be any material, but cannot be used in such a way to enhance the structural integrity, armor the robot, or enhance any weapon.
3. Chassis and weapons: must be made from approved materials. This includes raw stock.

4.Make sure you know the material your robot is made of. You may disqualified at the Event Organizer’s discretion if your robot is deemed to violate the spirit of the class. Contact the event organizer ahead of time if you are not sure your robot meets the above definition.

5.Tournament Style: Double Elimination

6.Be Ready to Go: Make sure your robots and batteries are ready to go at the start of the tournament.

The video below is the rumble from our November event.